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QUESTION: Do you supply water, esky and ice?

ANSWER: We do supply an esky and ice 44 litre in size. In regards to water, drinks and nibbles, we welcome clients to bring their own drinks and nibbles. We do arrive at least 15 minutes earlier at no charge to pack the esky with the drinks etc. for the day. We do supply the crystal glasses and there are two wine coolers in the limousines as well.


QUESTION: Will our wedding car have ribbons?

ANSWER: We do supply the white twisted ribbon for the front of the limousine but clients are welcome to add extra’s to the front of the limousines i.e.: teddies etc., just to advise us and we bring the appropriate ties to do this when we arrive earlier.


QUESTION: Will music be supplied and can we bring our own?

ANSWER: There is an iPod connection, also a c.d. player and a phone connection, we do have quite a variety of music but clients are welcomed to provide their own on iPod/phone’s etc..


QUESTION: Will the limo be airconditioned?

ANSWER: Cars are fully air-conditioned for comfort.


QUESTION: Are child seats provided?

ANSWER: Children are always welcome, however their seats must be provided. If they have a seat in their own car then we like them to have a seat in our limousines, their safety is our priority too, we do arrive earlier so their seats can be put into the limousine for the ride.

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